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GemCraft Labyrinth

rated 4.47 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Tower Defense

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Apr 29, 2011 | 7:50 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged May 2, 2011
  • Daily Feature April 30, 2011
  • Weekly 4th Place May 3, 2011

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Author Comments

GemCraft Labyrinth v.1.20 changes & fixes:

-Hue mismatch of purple gems (in-game vs map info panel) fixed
-Some more typos fixed
-Field G7 has all gem types available now
-Added the text "Ctrl-click to send all remaining waves" to wavestone info panels
-To improve performance, only 7 monsters get drawn at a time per tile
-The awful lag caused by the limetrap exploit was fixed while trying to keep the exploitable nature (not to ruin the fun)
-When using the wild gem skill, it was impossible to achieve the "no more than 2 gems while spending 5.000 mana" journey amulet with 2 gems


We are happy to finally give you:
GemCraft lost chapter: Labyrinth

The latest installment in the series takes you to a huge labyrinth - 13x13 fields -, each playable in any combination of battle settings.
Unlock more settings and skills as you level up, raid tombs, slay apparitions and even some of the dreaded shadows!

The Premium Edition opens up even more possibilities, giving you very powerful skills, and the most fun and challenging battle settings!
(the whole game can be played to the end in the free version too, it's not a demo!)

Have a great time playing! :-)



Rated 5 / 5 stars


a good game


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Superb Game!

This game was very close to being perfect. This game really set a nice bar for other tower defense games to live up to.

I bought the premium edition even though I rarely ever buy things like that, but this one is worth it.

Anyway on to the review.

Towers Rankings:
1. Multiple Damage - Easily the best tower in the game. This tower far surpassed almost every other with massive damage output. I would recommend it on every map.
2. Chain Hit - Amazing tower when combined with almost any other tower. Which is something you should be doing. Triple Gems and Dual gems are far better than regular gems, especially once you get the mastery skill.
3. Mana Gather - Great for endurance mode since you will be able to get tons of mana from just attacking. Works extremely well in traps.
4. Bloodbound - At first Bloods seem amazing, but their damage growth is low without their special and they need A LOT of kills to fuel that special.
5. Slow - Slows are great for traps when spaced correctly throughout your maze.
6. Shocking - Shockers are ok, but slows are better since they don't build up an immunity.
7. Poison - Poison would be decent if it dealt damage as a percent of current health or something along those lines. 1k damage over 5s really doesn't do much to a guy with over 1 billion health.
8. Armor Tearing. - Wow these towers are bad. Not only do they take miniscule amounts of armor down at a time, but they don't take armor down into negative amounts. This is why they are truly lacking because as levels get harder, monster may have around 100 armor. My gems are dealing over 12k damage without criticals. 100 armor is nothing. If armor was done like WC3 armor instead of SC armor this would have been near the top of my list for towers

Since I bought the premium, I don't really have a good viewpoint about the free version. It could be harder since some skills are not active.
I found the upgrades quite interesting actually. They synchronized quite well in some cases and allowed for some seriously nasty combinations.

Overall the game was great. It has huge amounts of depth and strategy. I would recommend it to anyone.

PS. If anyone needs help getting through the game just PM me and I will give you some tips on getting like 500k per level.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good and bad things

There are some good and bad things I experience in this game.

The good:

-The 13x13 labyrinth idea is quite nice!
-I love the walls and mazes you can build, and the boost towers. The building of mazes isn't new of course (see Desktop Tower Defense), but in this game it's interesting because it adds yet another strategy to the already so many strategies. In the first game there were only gem towers, the second added traps, now the walls, and the boost towers were added. Yay :)
-The story is interesting. I also like those demon effects in the epic levels!

-The bad:
-The upgrades are quite bland imho. I found the upgrades in the first game the most interesting, in the second game they were already somewhat less interesting, now even less. You start with only two possible upgrades and then unlock more, and almost every single of the upgrades is to make a certain gem type better. The thing that makes the upgrades bland imho, is that they don't provide a lot of strategy. If there are a few more expensive but more "special" upgrades (special as in, do something more original than just make some gem type better of give more mana), it adds more strategy by letting you decide which one to take for this map. Basically, to me having more different types of upgrades with less possible levels for each, is more fun than having fewer types of upgrades which can each to up to 30 or even infinite levels.
-The fact that monster color order was always the same. I'm not sure if gems of opposite colors are more effective against monsters of the opposite color (I think in earlier versions it was), but if the monsters are going to start at green and end at red in every single level, it's kind of the same color strategy for every level... I kind of ignored this while playing though and just built my favorite gem type the most (the red ones), hoping they wouldn't be getting less effective against the red monsters appearing later.
-Is any of these challenges obtainable at all in the non paying version? I mean, 100 waves if you can unlock only 15 extra?

The Ugly:
-I have nothing against monetization of a game. However my least favorite type of monetization (below ads) is to have it so that a non paying user is greminded that there exists a paying version for the duration of the whole complete game. So this was a downer for me, I don't visit Newgrounds for this.
-The GamerSafe button in the bottom left is a real nuisance that is very annoying and in the way. It makes an annoying popup appear over the glass ball that reveals levels with challenges.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Much better layout

I've had to wait a few days, while I delve into the depths of this, in order to give it the in depth review that it deserves. Clearly there has been a lot of time, though and effort put into not only this game, but the predecessors and over the past few years, Gemcraft has become one of, if not the premier tower defence game.

I love the story behind it, the way that levelling up becomes an essential part of your tactics and that there is far more to this game than just the strategy of placing a tower in the correct place - traps and now walls have come into play, as has a new AI, where monsters can choose which way they run, thus increasing the Real Time Strategy value of this as a game and setting it apart from Gemcraft 1 and 0.

As if 169 levels wasn't enough, you can customise each level a lot more than previously, adding more monsters (more of a challenge for more experience) and making it so that there are features that would make the level impossible for a newcomer, even to Level 1.

The fact that planning your journey now factors into it, as some levels can open up to three new levels, while others are dead ends, this adds a nice element to the game, that I missed with the other maps, because they didn't seem to be the clearest of indicators where to go, while this one is rigid, bordered exactly on the squares and is very easy to follow. With the gems being built up this time, I wasn't a fan of not being able to start with a pocket full of gems, that I can set up some horrific defences, that allow me to burn through 20+ gem bombs, to make it interesting, before the tougher waves come along.

I can see this game becoming quite a time-sink over the next few months and while I do not begrudge that, I would like to see a few little tweaks here and there - Newgrounds Medals, for a start. We love your games here and I'd love to see some that get a bit of recognition for playing them, otherwise I'll just play them on Armor Games, where I can get access to the other features.

I think that this is the best yet - don't rest on your laurels, make another one and see if you can get even better.

[Review Request Club]

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is one of my favorite "Tower Defense" games, i love this game !