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Make your final stand against the dark forces that lurk in time and space!

Be the last man, child, woman or robot standing when the dust clears. A versatile armoury of hilarious powerups can help you take down your rivals and survive to see another day!


programming by

Egoraptor, Faye Mata, Darcy Maguire



Then monster makes b-line to you and eats you. Skip round - yes. 3.2.1 start... monster makes b-line to you and eats you. skip round - yes. 3.2.1 start... monster makes b-line to you and eats you. skip round - yes.

And thats how it went for me. Perhaps give us a few seconds before monster gets active so we have a bit of a chance.

Liked the look. The music was fun, unfortunately the game itself seems flawed.

yeah... no

this game was a complete waste of time and is laggy and glitchy. thhe ai's do nothing but walk in a zig zag... that is if they walk at all. the " monster " was as threatning as a pillow pet and only went after me , then it would just sit there. it would be a whole lot cooler if the characters fit the theme, sci fi!!! if you would've worked on it for another 3 months it couldve been boss.

pretty shite

controls are teribble weapons are terrible ai's are disfunctional no skill it got a 2 becuaase of the sprites

So much fun

Good game !
I love the retro Sci-Fi art, the gameplay is simple but challenging !
A few bug though... (been freezed then a AI picked up a Super Strength powerup then picked me up, but I wasn't near him !)
Keep on programming ;)


This game isn't horrible, but it's not exactly mind fuckingly good.
It's fairly easy to win (or at least hold out) by either not even moving, moving away from the others, or letting the others get the power-ups to either A) freeze/stop the monster or B) die trying.
The flashbombs: horrible. I'm not against the idea, but the flash is much too long. If it was shortened it would be much more tolerable.

This was a decent game. Not great, not horrible. The graphics were cool and I really liked the vampire monster. Just some of the game play needs a little tweaking.

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3.85 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2011
12:55 PM EDT
Action - Other