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The Gauntlet

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The Gauntlet is a mysterious device that will test your agility and reflexes. Dash through the network at break-neck speeds to become champion of cyberspace!

After stumbling upon an intriguing device, the player is thrust into a virtual reality. To discover the true function of the program, you must make your way through cyberspace in the ultimate test of your agility and reflexes.

Dont blame me if you test your reflexes and find out they are crap!

Features :

- Challenging puzzle based on simple rules and player skill.
- Simple Controls : Arrow Keys, Spacebar + Shift. Press Q to quick-restart during gameplay.
- Realtime Tutorial included.
- Bonus Stage: Get a combo of 50 or more during your game to execute.
- Unlockable Stealth Mode: get a Stealth Bonus on all 10 stages to unlock this mode.
- Beat Stealth Mode for unstoppable Bit Power!!!

Soundtrack DOWLOAD
http://www.newgrounds.com /dump/download/4cb0e9f5ea 0ced98e99f7bfba191d3b6


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What's the ost for the first soundtrack right after The Gauntlet?

This game is extremely addictive. The only thing I don't like is that later levels have large blocks that actually hinder you: One type of block flips the screen upside-down, which throws me off and causes me to lose every time, and another type scrambles the upcoming obstacles, again forcing unavoidable damage as I have no way of reacting to what the obstacles have changed into.

This wouldn't even be much of a problem if I could even react to what type of block it is before I am forced to break it, since I could use one of the two special moves to get rid of it without activating its effect, but I can't, the most I would be able to react to is just the fact that it is a breakable block due to its unique position and size compared to other obstacles, but there is no way I would be able to recognize the color of the tiny little square in the center, remember what said color does, and decide to either break it normally or use a powerup to destroy it, all before it hits me. Sometimes the blocks of these later levels don't even have any color, which adds an entirely new layer of impossibility to reacting to the color of the block since each level's obstacles has a different base color. How am I supposed to tell the difference between a cyan block, and a cyan block with another cyan square in the center in the time it takes for the block to reach me?

It's not made any better by the fact that the special move activated by Shift has a wind-up and you can be hit by the upcoming obstacle after pressing Shift, but before it comes out, and you lose the one and only stock of it you can carry. Additionally, the special move activated by the spacebar reduces the combo counter by 10 (which admittedly isn't much of an issue) and you lose any and all stocks of it that you have gathered the moment you get hit by any obstacle.

There are other special block effects, but they are strictly positive bonuses that don't hinder you. I would personally remove the special block effects entirely, both negative and positive. This is a game of reflex, and these block effects do not complement that. You are forced to develop skills to work AROUND the effects rather than WITH them, which I do not think is a set of skills that should be required for this kind of game.

Aside from the special block effects which I think are the only problem, I think I can say that the rest of the game is perfect. If you want a simple way to achieve a state of flow, this game is for you.

KynetiK-27 responds:

Truly appreciate this thoughtful feedback

It would be cool but its really frustrating because you need to put in a score EVERY TIME!
Minus 2.5 stars for that

KynetiK-27 responds:

When you reach the gameover/score screen, you have the choice to quit to main menu, restart, or submit score. Press the yellow button to restart.

Epic game dude! Keep it up! Wish we could chat sometime so I could give you suggestions for even more massive and epic games!

I love everything about this game besides the HIGHSCORE BOARD thingy
AWESOOOOOOOME game!!! make the second already!!


2 thumbs up!!

Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2011
10:03 AM EDT