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LoL Nyan Teemo

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Author Comments

Originally inspired by Pop Tart Nyan Cat and the animation style is from "Touhou Myomyomyomyomyomyomyon!" (found that in youtube)

Took me roughly 8hours to do this and an additional 2hours trimming it (actual size was 14mb)

Hope you guys enjoy

The animation is mine.
Character Teemo is own by RIOT Inc.
The song is own by its respective owner.

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I don't really see alot of LoL flashes..
but when I do i give it a 5/5, 10/10.

this has given me perspective

on when nyan is actually being said. its not as often as people seem to think it is. like me i believe most of the world that knows nyan cat probably mistook the synth in the background as saying nyan the whole time good stuff.

what the hell is this its scary too hell

i only digg the song!!

And then

Gangplank walks over and murders him in one shot, then replaces him with a poptart.

Being a league player myself...

I thought this was epic..
But all i could think was teemo running super fast laying mushrooms everywhere...

Then nyaing every time he got a kill. >>
You should get started on that.