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OC Friday 2: Chiyo-chan

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Well, I'm a bit late (by about a few hours), but ol' Yom-chan always keeps his word. This time, we take that overly-cheery token loli from Azumanga Daioh and make her headbang to all sorts of assorted music from Animu openings to Yakety Sax.

Darnit Mr. Lawrence! I WILL BEAT YOU NEXT TIME!

*cough* With that out of the way... Enjoy!.

Huh? What happened to OC Friday 1?. Uh... well...

Oh yeah, it's available right here. (http://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=Tl-ZgpLfrlE)

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it's beautiful

HAW!! xD That first song + Chiyo-chan = xD

There wasn't much to the rest of it, but that one made it all worth it.

Review ala ReinaHarden

Well I give you 1 for each song I knew so 5 there, my standard 3 for Chiyo-chan an extra 1 for the lulz that is chiyo headbanging to the Benny Hill Theme. And 1 more for letting me know the time while I watched it lol. Oh yeah one more thing...

*Rapes Yom's Soul*

lol yom

bookmarked.. i know 4 of those songs.. keep putting out stuff.. to everyone else.. our headquarters are at www.forkheads.net .. and yes that is a VERY related website