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MvC3: Zero

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I hope you like this animation! I just played the game yesterday, I need the Megaman X in that game.
I know the other animations are better than this, but enjoy the short cartoon! Made by myself, started and finished today. NOTE: This is not from "Marvil vs Capkom 3" official parodies. So, don't get confused.

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repeat said summary line several times
quite nice this is yes?

LOL (smiley mother fu.... face)

true,and yes it is the new epic face


the new epic face.

My exact reaction

I wondered why in the world they put Zero instead of X.

I mean, sure, he has a sword and people who played tatsunoko vs capcom wanted him to make an appearance here.

But X was an original. I couldnt understand why they did that.

But now that Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is coming out, theres a big chance for X or regular megaman to make an apperance. I kind of wish they also make sigma though. They need a villain for every hero =/