VG Cats Animated 2

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If anyone can enlighten me as to how to get clearer sounds when I export these things, that would be greatly appreciated. Every time I export, it sounds muffled as opposed to when I play it in the timeline in the actual file.

Update: Thanks to all of you guys who told me how to solve the muffled sound problem I had. Works like a charm (uploaded the better version). Thanks to all the reviews, I read em all.

Just noticed I got front page too. Awesome!

Original comic: http://www.vgcats.com/com ics/?strip_id=45


Delete my previous post? HA!

Your animation is horrible and didn't do the original comic justice. Make your own work and not copy someone else's.

Good day, sir.

MikeandTreyVideo responds:

I did an animated adaptation of a webcomic... if you were looking for originality, you came to the wrong toon.


Everybody that voted poorly don't understand what hemroids are LMAO

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who did that twomp kill nd funny vid XD and another thing what was up wit hi face o.o


Why did you chose this comic, there are a lot of better ones. Might I suggest using the one where Red Link goes force gem crazy? That would be funnier to watch.

Bad source material = bad video.

The original comic was pretty unfunny, and the shotty animation and voice acting did nothing for it.
VG Cats is usually not this bad, maybe you should just try another comic.
You could try asking the Cyanide and Happiness creators for tips, since their comic-to-flash conversion worked perfectly.

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3.75 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2011
9:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody