My Little Army

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Three (or more?) heroes are fighting to conquer all Myth Balls. Who'll win? You'll decide! Play the adventures of three curious heroes and the Little Army! Mix and match 'em with 8 unique classes, 48 characters, and 96 weapons to beat dozen of missions in each scenario, and other rewarding quests!

- arrow keys to move the camera
- 1-7 Spell hotkeys
- q,w,e,r Unit hotkeys
- A to swap spell/unit tab
- space to cast spell
Key note :
Your army can be customized on the "formation" page by mixing each unit's 3 attributes: class, character, and weapon.
Class determines the unit's role on the battlefield. Different classes also use unique weapon types.
The "character" attribute determines the unit's appearance and base stats.
Weapons each have their own stats and attack types.
Collect new classes, characters and weapons by completing missions , quest and purchasing them from the shop.
you can restart game story mission from beginning and select different hero with carry over item

ps: There is stage attributes for NG and chara such as tankmen and pBot. Enjoy.



fun game, it just crashes a bit (most likely my computers fault). plus there is a way to get more than 8 units, so it is easy to cheat.

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Myth balls, gotta catch them all!!! XD

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the game is very entertaining, the graphics are.. well.. colorful with nice contrasting schemes...

as for game play...
I might add that "HARD" mode is actually the easiest to start with...
I started all 3 modes from scratch, and hard was the easiest.
the final level didnt last more than 3 minutes.
"Oh snap, its greg" level didnt last more than 4. This is because the poison is way imbalanced, it dealt about 65000 damage per tick on "greg" (or was I hallucinating). But the poison surely dealt 25000 damage on super man.

Farming on myke tyson levels made the hard mode extremely easy.
HARD starter:
A great combo for farming on myke tyson will be the skill that turns enemies little and tornado all the way. You dont even need to create a single unit.
But the poison+minimize + tornado combo is too imbalaced when dealing with bosses. and when I got that super flasher+cavalry+crystal spear(6.2 speed) combo teamed up with super man+swordmaster+ evil dragon jaw in the end, it got too easy..
NORMAL starter:
The combo I used is too simple. Haste+Shield+Regen then Freeze the bosses using the Freezing Storm skill. Too easy. You could even Equip a Kunoichi (pink asian girl) with poison sword to jam up that boss' HP.
EASY starter:
Its not called EASY for nothing.

But really, I found Hard easier than Easy. Either easier or faster..
Nice game entertained me for 4 hours :)

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Pretty nice

I actually quite like this game.
However, after a while it did seem to get a bit repetitive, and the grammar was TERRIBLE :P
Other then that though, i quite enjoyed myself ^^

Fun but Easy

Valks on calvary with ice spears=fast forward walk away

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4.33 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2011
11:22 PM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)
  • Frontpaged April 22, 2011
  • Daily 2nd Place April 22, 2011
  • Weekly 3rd Place April 26, 2011