Light Hunter

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Use the mouse to shoot green light orbs on walls. They will help light your way through 8 dark levels. Also, use your light orbs to shoot enemies and creatures to help solve each level.


I don't think these are your games!!!!

They are all from diffrent sites!!!!

An okay game...

It's quite good... I like the 'find your way through the darkness' type game in general. It's got a few things that need to be ironed out though.

First up, I found the same glitch Taresu666 found. It's on level 2 (?) I think. By the way, to get past it you have to jump up and you'll fall right through.

Another thing, in the same level, I noticed the background just stopped before the bottom of the level. Below that point, it was white. Very irritating in a realm meant to be of darkness.

Thirdly, yeah, you need to stop the checkpoint saved screen from coming up multiple times, as Recovery13 rightly pointed out.

Finally, what's the story? :D I like stories.

An interesting concept, could have gone further

Personally, a flashlight would have been handy, rather than spamming "light orbs" to navigate. Otherwise a solid game, very few bugs. I did notice that the background tended to disappear after dying a few times though.

'Tis alright

Not too bad of a game, as the music and graphics were pleasing enough without being too exquisite. Seems to be a pointless game, destroying lights with your own lights in a land of spikes and darkness. But nonetheless entertaining, so good job.


I couldn't get past one of the levels, because a part of the air was solid and I could not walk through it, but I could shoot through it. It was on the right of the level, where it has that back and forth downwards part. Other than that it was a really enjoyable game. But that makes it impossible for me to see any more level.

8bitgames responds:

What level were you on? We'll try to play it out, and see if we can find the same error. thanks for the help.

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3.27 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2011
11:30 AM EDT
Strategy - Other