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OCT2 -Don't Underestimate

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Author Comments

I'm changing the actual title of the series because frankly the title "Original Character Tournament" is too general. There are many other OCTs on the internet and this is just another of them.

The new title is called, "Dareva's Last Will OCT" because that is the name of the OCT. However I can't change the actual title in the Newgrounds submission details so it will still appear as OCT.


After a difficult process of making this animation, despite having to solve some problems with Flash, I finally finish the next part to this little mini-series. It was an interesting challenge, because this happens to be my first battle animation.

Before anyone points them out, I'll say what things that could be improved on that I'm aware of.
First, voice acting. Please don't comment on the fact that my voice needs more emotion. I'm voice acting as MYSELF, and I normally sound emotionless. I say everything as I would say them in real life and I'm trying to sound more confident in my lines. As far as the British actor, it was really hard to find a decent one. I did manage to find one but he was too busy to send me lines and cancelled out at the last minute. I had to use my dad instead.

Second, the animation itself. Self-explanatory, I'm improving.

Third, everything else which is just being nit-picky. I'm gonna have to figure out what else to improve after a few animations or so.

Anyways, thanks for watching!

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completely amazing job as always!
somehow, I find all of your cartoons to be very inspiring! :D
keep up the good work!

AnDrew19787 responds:

Glad it does! <D

nice character designs and effects

very nicely animated during the battle scene

Very nice

Only looks like the voice acting needs a little work, but over all I like where this is going. Shows a lot of potential.

A definite improvement

This was definitely better than the last one in several regards. First off, you put more work into the actual animation part and included much more movement which is always welcome in an animation.

The battle scene itself was definitely not bad for someone starting out. Anything I could point out would just be something that's solved by practice, so I'll leave it at that. It even had a few relatively unique things (the portals for example made it fun). Also, I like the look of the magic circles, they looked cool.

As for making the main character sound relatively emotionless, that's perfectly fine. I know people who sound like that all the time so it's not unheard of. I do hope to see an uncharacteristic burst of emotion when appropriate though.

There's certainly a great deal of potential in your animations and if you keep at it then I'm sure I'll see one of them in the Daily 1st Place in no time. Keep up the good work and just like last time I'll be looking forward to the next part.

Level up! :D

For animators who are just starting out, this is good. I see potential. :) I'm sure you'll submit something while you're learning of new techniques and improving. Kudos for originality, I give it a 10/10. I'm not here to criticize, but encourage. Yes, the voice acting could use some work, but it's a start. Usually drama causes the audience to empathize with the characters.

I'm guessing until you find a female voice actor, she'll remain mute, right? But that's okay. Without distracting sounds and voices, the viewers pay more attention to the story, what's happening during the scene. So with that, I give you a thumbs up for the results of your challenge, because you're well on your way toward it becoming even better than what you have now. Good job. :)

Credits & Info

4.13 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2011
1:13 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place April 21, 2011