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To Dream of Flight

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EDIT: This is my fifth front page out of my past six cartoons! I feel so appreciated :3 Thanks so much, glad I could brighten everyone's day a little!

(Also, I totally spelled "mattresses" wrong. Dang it.)

Hey everybody! I'm still working on Captain Spectacular, but I made this cartoon for my friend JP DeOvando and his song, "Flying," and decided to post it to hold you guys over.

-Kyle Sullivan

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been there, done that, but i hit the cheese grader

I may be wrong, but did you put both the 'good' and 'bad' ending to show that for every dream there is a good and bad ending?
orrrr am i just looking to far into this?

WhiteLightning responds:

You may be putting a little more thought into it than I did, but see it how you will :)

HE should have flew into the door of the matress and cheese grater building.

he should've flew into the cheese gradder

Darn, I thought he would end up crashing ino a mountain or something... Still, pretty good :P