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Bloons 2: Spring Fling

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Author Comments

Technically it's not spring in New Zealand but we figure most fans are northern hemisphere :)

This level pack is easier than the original bloons for the most part and hopefully as fun or more fun. We reskinned a couple of the powerups to fit the spring theme.


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Comments from 8 years ago? Aww...but anyways nice game!

I agree with PuddinSammich

And this is way too similar to the original Bloons, and the other five or six of these.

I have to give you a 7...

Because I finish the level but it doesn't move and I keep getting 5 Super Moneys after every level and every time I restart a level.

You're Selling Out.

I'm beginning to enjoy the Bloons games less and less with each new release. You're selling out to the stupid Mochi people, and everything you release seems to just be a new way of making money. You added a STORE to your game, one where you have to pay real money to fully enjoy what should be a free game.

I have no respect for you guys anymore. You've ruined your image and become sellouts.


All i have to say is Awwww. Great game . True the concept is old. The music is relaxing. So relaxing that 14 attempts at stage 12 never gave me reason to hate. Soft graphics that easy around the eyes. There is not much to say. I grant Ninjakiwi your first Kids Approval Seal. (KAS)