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A very fashionable shoot em up in the tradition of Defender.

Control Thomas the horse using the arrow keys (or WASD) to move and space to fire! Prevent Boc's shirt from being overrun!

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I understand nothing in French

ok ok err you are having to do a type and a horse enemies surrealistic 0_0

Very strange, yet, interesting game at the same time.

The animation is pretty swell and the controls are easy to adjust to. The music was although repetitive, it was quite catchy. Al in all, very good game.


Fun and cute game

This was an interesting flash, the flash did however take abit longer to load then expected not a big issue but still something, but anyways i like the preloader and you added some ok color to it all very nice, and nice effort on your part, So finlly after the game loaded , it was quite fun and entertaining kind of like an {ASTROIDS} game except with a cute little horse, the game ran pretty {SMOOTH} easy to maneover around and stuff, and the shooting was good, even sound/fx and added music was great it all worked well and flowed perfectly, i think to improve on the {SHOOTING} you should make it ossible to shoot up and downwards, just a helpful tip that could make the game more enjoyble, but other then that i liked the game, it has a very cute-ness to it, so nice job all around on this and i like the eddort you put forward.

Fun game could use more shooting options as mentioned above

Fun cute and you get to kill stuff lol


gavD responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! The engine supports omnidirectional mouse shooting, but we actually removed it for a more old-school feel. I'm working on a semi-sequel, using the same engine, but with a much more hardcore, powerup based, explodey kind of feel

Fairly entertaining

What was cool about this was just how ridiculous it managed to be. It was weird how you just had no idea what was going to show up next in terms of enemies. The animation kind of reminds me of the stuff by JeremyLokken. I find it strange taht FreeworldGroup does not credit this on their profile or here. The music is decent enough. The worst thing aobut it is the controls which were hard to understand. I think the problem was that I kept trying to press the mouse instead of the space button.

The aiming just seemed off with that. I could not understand the language, but I have played so many games here you really don't need to. It was funny to just watch the brown horse fly around. There were so many enemies it just did not seem to have an end in sight and got frustrating. It's still not bad and you have to mess with it at first.

gavD responds:

ooh, good point, FWG have accepted my buddy request now so I've added them as a sponsor :-)

The engine I wrote for this game does actually support mouse aiming (it also supports n-level parallax scrolling, another feature we're not using here!); we may reuse it for another game, or maybe a reduxed version of this with powerups, stages, collectables, bosses et cetera

I have no idea why it's in French, really - we just thought it was funny!

Thanks for the review!

I totally love it

I don't know what is but... i love this game >.< maybe is the caos well congratulations

gavD responds:

thank you :-)

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3.42 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2011
1:36 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight