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save Jim in this challaging game
can you beat the 8 levels?

this is my second ever game have fun


I'll save ya, little buddy!

I really enjoyed playing this. At the outset, I thought it was just going to be another dodging game. But the unique control scheme makes it stand out from the crowd, despite the fact that the goal is indeed to avoid obstacles. I'm not sure I would have bothered completing all eight levels if Jim could simply be controlled directly with the arrow keys.

I often found myself adjusting Jim's position in unexpected ways in order to move him to a desired location, which added significantly to the challenge. I imagine that changing the order of the motion directions in the "control panel" for each level would have been even more engaging; that's something you may want to consider if you plan to make a sequel.

The graphics aren't exactly professional-looking, but that's not a huge deal; I actually think your drawing style adds to the game's charm. Even so, the game could benefit from having its presentation neatened up.

The only thing that really bothers me is the fact that the music doesn't loop; I was somewhat disappointed when it ended, and had to resort to opening another tab and listening to it through the Audio Portal while continuing to play.

If you do make a sequel, I hope to see a more polished product. One thing you ought to consider is increasing the game's frame rate, as this would allow for better input response times. (Games are generally run at 30 frames per second or higher; this one appears to run at about 12 FPS.) And unless you want players to figure out the controls on their own, you should clearly include instructions somewhere in the game.

There are also some issues with the stick figure's animation; he often runs in place when he's not moving and gets stuck on one frame of his run cycle when he is moving (this only seems to happen when the left arrow key is used). Thankfully, this doesn't have a significant impact on the gameplay, but it would be very unfortunate if it did. Always remember to thoroughly test and debug your code!

Furthermore, I wouldn't mind seeing an increase in the complexity of the levels, perhaps involving picking up items and teleporting from location to location in order to reach the goals. There are plenty of other ideas you could incorporate as well, which would have an added benefit of making the game feel less repetitive.

You can expand and enhance this little game in many ways, and I hope you do! Good luck with your future endeavors; I'd love to see more work from you! :)

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lucatheawsome responds:

thanks :)

Nice game

Keep up the good work

Slightly above average.

This game actually has a bit of promise going for it. First off, I thought it was just a stupid little game, but it's not. It's challenging. If it were just you controlling Jim with your arrow keys, it'd be another pointless, boring avoiding game. You've done something here that gives us a differentiation from the normal.

Well, in the controls atleast. I never noticed why you did it in that way until I was at the level with the slime. If I ran into a wall, I died. I had to go through the down arrow to get to the up one, so I had to make sure I was constantly not too low. I died many times on that level. And the ones after that made use of this principal also. It's a good game in that respect.

The downside is your visuals. The title screen is, by far, the best screen of the game. In looks, atleast. Your level title cards are bland. I could make something like that in paint and I have no creative ability at all. You could've atleast added some flare to this rather than just click on the paintbrush icon and paint something.

For the rest of the game? They were fine for them, atleast. The stick figure looked slightly better, if only for the fact that he's in strips you can see. The only thing not black or gray are the colored objects in the game. Besides that, everything is in monotone. Perhaps you could fix that by adding, I don't know, more colors?

Well, it woudn't be so great withought its music. I never once heard the same loop over and over again. The music kept me going, and didn't bog down the game by repeating itself, or being just too horrible.

If you make another game like this, please, try what I've said. Overall, it's not bad, but it's not too great either. I'd just play it once, like it, then never play it again because it dosen't have anything too special.

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lucatheawsome responds:

thanks i probarly am going to make a second one :)

Nice and original!

Good idea, needs more work.

Not bad.

Not bad, had a hard time beating even the first level though.

Could use some nicer graphics, but good work.

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lucatheawsome responds:

thanks :)

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Apr 13, 2011
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