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42 Boxes ACT 1

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Author Comments

Edit: Gonna personally give myself the Poop Award. Scored the lowest out of all my works scoring only a 3.36 with 2 average scored reviews and 261 votes | 611 views on the premiere scoring lower than Mutteo in NES Land ep1. Not exactly a grand return, even if I think this is my best work. Though I wont give myself the pity party, this is a personal reference.

Runtime: 12 minutes

I know it's just a sprite movie, so if you only plan to skim this movie, Try SCENE 5. It's my personal highlight, but please watch it all if you can.

It's been 2 years of complications, but I finally finished part 1 of my 42 Boxes Project. This is my biggest work yet, and of course I made several improvements to my style. I have a much more stable "camera" which will give the show a better feel, and I have scrolling text bars. It's very neat and tidy and I am able to do things my old "camera" couldn't and it involves much less actionscript. I'm not sure if there is a lag in it this time, I hope not, at least it's probably better than it used to be.

So what is 42 Boxes, and why call a Final Fantasy that name? This story was first created in my college years back in 06. Since then, I made a lot of script and character edits. My newest edits involve adding the monk character and changing the archer MaryEllen, to Ron, and Jeanette the white mage is now Olivia. All these little changes make the show better I think.

Now a couple people might wonder about when Act 2 might be. I honestly don't know. It can be anywhere from 3-6 months, but I will be working on it and try to upload that as soon as I can. Thanks for watching.

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I wish people would simply realize that a sprite movie is not made only by someone who has no drawing ability. Poor quality sprite movies by new animators are the biggest reason this perception is made but not the only reason. These movies are really in essence made by gamers for gamers and that is really what we have at the core of the idea.

This was in my opinion a quality piece of work. You can tell right away if true effert was put into a sprite movie. The quality says it all and in this case it says this movie had time and effort put into it. Quality voice acting has once again made a huge difference. I can appreciate the work done here as I am also working on my own projects in this very same category.

Stupid? Very much so, but thats what's so damn funny about this series. I saw part 2 first and laughed my ass off, so glad I finally got around to part 1. This flash should be made into a cartoon on some large network. Unfortunately with all the profanity, violence and lewd behavior, I doubt even adult swim would air this flash. A real pity,but you can see it here on newgrounds, don't let the length of these flashes deter you from watching them, they're long, but they are worth siting down for.

this is very funny and original,
its nice to see final fantasy sprite paradies with this much randomness and silliness. Im going to watch the second one right now

Extremely original and funny

Most people seem to hold something against sprite movies, but even them should give 42 Boxes a chance. Let's follow up with the scoring real quick and hope that it might convince everyone to give this (and other sprite movies) a chance.

Graphics - 8/10 : I gave this movie a 8 only to be fair with movies whose graphics are drawn from scratch as they tend to be more troublesome to produce, however, I must emphasize that 42 Boxes is extremely well done. The sprites were carefully animated, the dialogue was very well lip-synched (as much as it's possible with sprites at least) and, if you know the original Final Fantasy sprites, you'll notice how well they were edited for the creation of original characters.

Sound - 10/10 : 42 Boxes deserves much more than a 10 in the sound department. A rich choice of music from various Final Fantasy Games and, of course, the beautiful, rich and masterfully done voice acting. Every character has a original and fantastic voice over, every voice actor that worked on 42 boxes deserves congratulations and lots of respect.

Script - 10/10 : most of this score is due to the careful work in the character creation. Every character (and there were a lot) have a unique and eccentric personality. I loved how well the voice acting captured this feel, but, of course, that wouldn't have been possible if not for the well-written script. The humor might be kinda random, but that is all nice in a flash short and, I believe, is what most people look for in New Grounds. Mutteo, you have my sincerest admiration for this extremely fine piece.

Well, after all this scoring, let me finish by saying again how incredible this piece was: 42 Boxes is amazing and completely worth of the 12 minutes one may need to spend to watch the entire movie (kinda long for a flash short). Sprite-fan and Sprite-hatter alike should watch this movie, the voice acting and the script will surely make your time worth of it. Kudos to the whole team that spent so much time and effort in making 42 Boxes and my sincerest thanks to anyone who spent time reading this long and boring review. God bless.

Mutteo responds:

Thank you for your sincere and indepth critique. I'm glad you fully enjoyed it. I admit it is a very big comment, but I enjoyed reading it, and I will do my best to make more of these. :3


I lol'd and, for Newgrounds, that's all you're really looking for.
I completely dug the sprite animations and i loved the broad variety of personalities.
I laughed when I heard the Grandia music and the nostalgia was most of the reason I made an account and gave a rating.
You're good in my book, Yo.

Mutteo responds:

Thank you. I really appreciated your feedback. I do have a lot of music songs and it's pretty fun reliving the nostalgia of olden days. :3

Credits & Info

4.26 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2011
3:10 PM EDT