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Ping Break

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Ping Break is a nice puzzle games, where you break the ball and go to next level.

Move the mouse.

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Unfinished Repost of a repost

Well, to start with it: Not really any kind of original game. Has been done before multiple times and better.
On the good side, quite some nice balls and bonuses, but nothing really spectacular. The "Ball changes direction" thingies were okay, but not fancy.
However, all the game feels unfinished. Like you lost the will to continue and do the necessary work of polishing your game up. Far too early. The Bars are crossing, the sound is quite horrible, the BGM doesn't fit a bit, the Ball doesn't stop on the level borders, but just floats through the whole screen and you don't even had the patience to develop a real "start" or "you died, start over again" event. Instead you just used the Pause-Menu.
Next time: Finish the job properly and don't just stop when there's so much to polish up. A good game doesn't only consist of some more or less working mechanics, but also of the whole presentation, the consistency and the overall image it creates. The image of this game is like the image of too many games the industry builds today: Only usable after a serious patching.


Good idea but needs a lot of work though.