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Iron Man - A Simpler Plot

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Author Comments

After watching Iron Man, I realized that a giant hulking robot that shot fire at arabs was a bit drastic for the genius Tony Stark to build... Surely this master of technology could have used his box of scraps in a cave and come up with something more efficient...

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watching in 2017 lol) your predictions were right iphones rule the world )

Meh, humor was pretty flat, but not painful. More my personal tastes versus poor execution.

Iznvm responds:

hehe, I didn't know people still watched these old things I made... yeh, they are pretty terrible and unfunny... I'm no good at comedy=P


that was kind of funny


I don't think their are any cell phone towers in the Saharan desert.

Iznvm responds:

They weren't in the Sahara
Also - Tony flies through later in the movie to kill the terrorists and uses an onboard cellphone then to talk to Rhodey, so connection was possible.


dangit this flash is awesome! It kinds made me go DOH because I recently lost an Ipod :-(
The voice recording sounded a little bit grainy, might just have been me. If you want to improve that check out the tutorials by teamfourstar

Iznvm responds:

Yeh.. I have a pretty defunct mic at the moment.. hopefully I'll have sound issues fixed soon for future stuff.

Credits & Info

3.15 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2011
1:28 PM EDT

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