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The Floorsland 3

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This game was made in 2011, way before I knew what I was doing or how to properly do it. This is a horrible game and it's in your best interest not to play it unless you are genuinely curious about it. I have decided against unpublishing it so as not to run from past mistakes. In case you want to play this game, try its remake in The Floorsland Reborn, which can be found at https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/698009.

For the record: none of the responses to the reviews reflect my present-day opinions or attitude. While blatantly inflammatory responses have been deleted, a lot of the remaining ones show little ability to respond adequately to positive or negative feedback and, like the game itself, have been kept for the purposes of archival.


5th November 2005: Tim`s evil brother has stolen the crystal of The Floorsland. After that the people have selected Tim to find the crystal. Help him to rescue The Floorsland!

"The Secret Box" medal is somewhere in the instructions.

Update (11th July 2014): Rewrote some of the code, fixed some spelling mistakes and most importantly - updated to the new API connector, which will hopefully make medals a little better.
Update (2018): Removed all unlicensed third-party assets, as well as the defunct and useless Flash API connector. Other than these minor changes, the game has been left fully intact in spite of its terrible nature.

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This was enjoyable!!! I like the idea though.
The levels was easy and even if you weren't a good designer i these times i think it has good graphics
But if you collect the coins, the score doesn't display.

telinc1 responds:

I don't know what it is with reviews of old games, but thanks.

I can't agree on the graphics; they are mediocre and there's really nothing I can do about it, not even today.

I don't know why the score doesn't display. I made this a long time ago and the source code is an unmanageable mess of bad practices, so it's only natural something word be broken.

Certainly playable

While not a great game, this was okay so it can't really go in the good or bad category. The biggest strength is probably how it has a simple enough premise to understand. It has most of what makes a platformer entertaining. Where you lost points was that this was not detailed very well and there was not much in the background or anything. It just seems like you could have put more design in everything. Simplicity can work, but there should also be some uniqueness.

That music is pretty popular as I recognized it. I guess from all the audio stuff I have reviewed, it would only make sense that I would find some stuff that I recognized! The medals in this game, that is their design was too simplistic. You could work by putting shading and shadows into the objects. Making something one color rarely impresses people.

telinc1 responds:

What part? The part with the score grabbers? They are enemis.
I can add shadows in The Floorsland Zero: Ancient Adventure, which will be after the game that I`m working on right now.

good graphics?

cool but I'll help to make the graphics with the greatest pleasure.


But the gray triangles are impossible to get passed unsctahed

telinc1 responds:

It`s possible. In the next game on that I`m working on, they will make a 2-3 pause after hit the ground, or get to their start position.

dont call GN!

Normal first game...
if you death, why you not revive with full hp?

telinc1 responds:

Because it just takes you back in the beggining. I`ll fix that in the next version.