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Zombie shooter beta

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This is beta so expect a few bugs

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good start

its decent
you just all of a sudden drop in and cant move by normal controls so that was confusing
the red with the flashlight is a good idea but needs a different color maybe
i could't die or shoot so i dont know if its a glitch or if u havent finished the coding yet
but its a good start
more than i could do

Looks like a good start

I dunno if this is really even a beta though... it looks more like an early code test...
Well, either way it's quite nifty... maybe if you expand the light source... I presume it's meant to be a line of site of flash light... either way it's quite short.
I think once you fix the graphics (eg: change the red parts to something more like shadows), add enemy AI and more animation it could be pretty fancy.

poor work from destroyer578

i really expected better rom you. you insatnayly drop in the game, cant even move cause youre trying to use wasd, and the gun doesnt even shoot. and you cant die. and theres nowhere to actaually go.

this is... needs work man but GooD LucK

xX SSJ Piccolo 420 Xx

Really bad

This game does not work, I pushed every button, the only thing i could do was reload and move. Zombies walked into the walls and you cant die either. Include instructions with your game when you make them, even if it is a beta

"few bugs"?

I don't think complete lack of gameplay counts as "a few bugs..."