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Use the arrow keys to touch every part of the land, bringing it back to life.

Made by styxtwo, art by koliomeno

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Ness? Ness?! NEEEEEEESS!!!

There should be more games like this, but...

It's a tasteful mix of qualities. The puzzles that jog the mind a bit, and the music you chose and the themes you used were very conducive to light entertainment. It's a far cry from the level of class most people have come to expect, but that's this game's only strong suit. The learning curve was shallow, and the game was short relative to the speed of increasing difficulty. I loved not being able to get frustrated when I messed up, though.

I love this~

The art here is quite lovely, very simple yet well done.
I agree with Oscarito, there aren't many games of this type. You did a fine job with it.
Now, the name truly did make me think of an adventure-type game, but really, I don't understand why that disappointed so many people... I mean, the title certainly brought them here, right? :)

Maybe choose a better name. .

Fun puzzle game but by naming it Earthbound you set the bar too high to reach.