Escape the Anus

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You are Lemmiwinks, the class Gerbil at South Park Elementary School. Because of Mr. Garrison, you have been "injected" into his companion, Mr. Slave. Where were you injected? I think that is quite obvious. Now you must escape. Good luck Lemmiwinks.

Use the arrow keys or W,A,S,D to navigate. Trophy's will be pending approval from NG Staff.

We hope you liked the game, we decided to try something different. Don't worry, regular escape games to come.

Thanks for all your support

The first song is "Always" by Erasure. The second song is a cover of "Blue Monday" by Flunk.

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Very hard playing, pure and amazing concept, F*CKING AWESOME SONGS!!!!

Too f*cking hard!

Not the best

It's too hard. And I mean very hard. The songs start to be annoying and the rat/ mouse is too dificult to control.


why would there be a mouse in a body huh?!?!?! and hell controlls are TOO slippery!!...ugh sorry Raging blood,geh

That was weird!!

I just beat the game!! I am second place on the 'all' scoreboard!! That means that out of all the people who play this game, only one person is better than me!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaaa!! The only reason this review isn't a ten is that the first song is SO freaking annoying!! It's too repeatative!! The second song is okay though. It's not so annoying.Anyways the game is cool! KEEP IT UP!! ( sorry. left caps on!!)

Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2011
1:43 AM EDT