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Box Clever Level Pack

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Box Clever is back with brand new levels made by Gaz and other members of The Game Homepage.

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remove king bastard?!

Box Clever's Back! :D

2 years, Box Clever made its debut with a game that was simple, common game with an all new look at things with included Level Editor, 3 sets of main levels that had 3 types of rising difficulties, and all types of objects falling from the sky at will. 1 month ago, the Box Clever game returned, this time bringing a single set of 40 levels made by the original creator and members of The Game Homepage.

The new game doesn't change any of the older one's graphics...at all. Literally everything is the same -- except for the music, which I must say is less annoying and more appealing, the new way to get the player add-ons, and of course, the new set of levels.

The new set of levels starts out easy, and gets hard as you go along, to the point where it's just impossible to complete with my brain which is tired of thinking from playing the last game before starting this (I'm not even on Nightmare there). There are 40 levels, and messages pop up at set intervals informing you on if you've received a new add-on or how long it is until then. The new set of levels, so far, have no enemies in them. And no enemy counter for each level, meaning the last game's way of getting one of the add-ons was eliminated and so this game utilized the simpleton's way of waiting a few levels.

As for the gameplay, it's nothing new, and the art is nothing the special. The inclusion of physics made the game something unique for both Box Clever and its Level Pack version.

I was hoping for a new Level Editor in any sort of sequel for the game, with new options in it, and maybe even new platforms or the addition of bosses to the enemy lineup (because we all know that'd make for some fun, dropping several spiked platforms on bosses and throwing boxes at them to make them fall off a cliff), but this isn't a sequel. Nothing new here, but I do expect the next Box Clever addition to be a Box Clever 2, no? (That is, if you're even making a sequel, which I hope you are).
+More Appealing Music
+Rising Difficulty
+New Add-On Unlock Method
-Loss of Level Editor
-Medium-Quality Art
-No Gameplay Revamps/Changes

Final Score for Box Clever (Level Pack): 7/10,3/5. Good game, addicting, and hope to see more Box Clever games.

I would just like to say:

This is possibly one of the best games I have ever played in my life. And I say this even though level 37 made me so mad I actually punched my screen and broke it. I'm going to have to get a new screen, but it was kind of worth it, because at least I've finished level 37.


i love this game.. i almost finished all levels.. :D


but the game itself is great