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Cannon Fire!

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This is my first submission to NG with a game that I made quite awhile ago for a class in college. I did a bit of touching up since then and tried to polish it as best as I possibly could, so hopefully the game runs smoothly with no issues.

I based this game on another game that I saw in one of my classes and I attempted to recreate that game to an extent, but with my own twists to it. For the class I made this in, there were supposed to be physics effects incorporated into the game, which I did using gravity and wind effects that act on the bullet. That was really our only requirement in the class for this game (physics) and that's the goal I initially set out with and it lead to this short casual friendly game. So I hope at least some of you get some fun and enjoyment out of it and it isn't too easy. Thanks!

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Break time fun

Had a lot of fun playing this game on break time last night! Cool game! More to it than meets the eye at first. The wind can change the outcome of each cannon blast.

Pretty cool.

It seems too slow for me personally, maybe the aiming system could be a little more...for lack of a better word...fluid. Other wise pretty cool!