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Hue Runner

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Let your mind do the thinking while your fingers do the switching! Change colors to make your way through the colorful world of hue.

Space/Up = jump;
left = change red;
down = change green;
right = change blue;
P = pause

Coming Soon: Hue Runner on iPhone and iPad!

NEW UPDATES (4/29/2011):
Fixed Broken wall bug (4/29/2011)
Fixed Space bar Responsiveness (4/29/2011)!
Fixed Screen Jitter (4/29/2011)

Controls now onscreen. (4/1/2011)
Added spacebar to retry. (4/1/2011)
*Fixed Wall Bug (4/1/2011)
*Ceilings now obey the color rule! (4/1/2011)
*End-Game tweaking. (4/1/2011)


Good Gameplay. The walls idea, simply amazing! I have to say 10/10

Pretty interesting game. Easy to understand. Challenging enough so that it is not boring. I especially liked the walls concept. Another good thing that I like is that everything is random so you can't just remember everything and break the game. The only thing I don't like is that when you get farther the scrolling gets so fast that it is very hard to manage what you are doing.

The walls. Ugh people use your brains. If you fall through a platform when you have the wrong color...if you use a different color than the wall you should go through it. I got that right away. ANyway, the game is simple fun and entertaining. The art is original and so is the games idea. I waqs brought here by your new game. You have obvious talent as a game dev. Keep up the awesome work. Maybe we could team up and I could draw for a game of yours someday. Anyway. Good work.

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When the music goes faster it makes consentrate more.

this game is an Instant classic

not to be confused with a brand new antique

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Credits & Info

3.97 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2011
1:56 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other