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Clash of Mages

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Author Comments

The Board of High Mages, known also as the Board of Elitist Jerks, is an organization of some selfish mages who want to monopolize wizardry and keep all the best magical ingredients to themselves. As a young mage you crave to defeat them all and show who rules!

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Neat concept, and mostly well implemented.
Down side was random charm system combined with losing 50% of them (plus those spent) when you lose. That means if you get a bad set of charms from 1 win, you're into a death spiral. It was many wins before I got ANY fire charms at all.

Not sure I like the "scared X mages" part as fighting them might help to power up for harder fights later on. Some sort of "store" system, where you can trade 2 charms for 1 you REALLY need, would help a ton.

it took ten trys

but then i actaully won the game in only 15 battles, i made the wizard smile.

Good idea

I like the idea of the game. It's kind of neat to be able to face off against different mages, each wielding different powers and 'scaring' other mages. The major problem for me was the charm system. It seems so random as to what charms boost what stats, and if your opponents don't drop good charms and you level up (forcing you to fight stronger enemies) you basically have no chance of winning. If there was an explanation system for what each charm did, as well as a shop of some sort for obtaining new charms, this game would be much more possible and enjoyable.

Still, I liked the music and it's definitely a good project!


It's a new twist on the old rpgs, I definately like, the way you plan a strategy ahead of time. One thing I especially like is the fact the ingrediants can be affected by the one next to them.

Some things I dislike are the slow page turning animations, It would have been nice if there was a more direct way of knowingwhat ingrediants affect aswell

It's definately a great twist though.

It's a good start.

The concept is pretty good and I enjoyed working with the combinations. Two things points of improvement, however:

- A guide would be very good - it took me a while to understand just how the different components react together.
- Randomness is FAR too influential in the game: Your opponents, your win bonuses, and your reagents are all completely random, which makes some battles impossible to beat. Being able to choose an opponent mitigates this, but not enough. Additionally, critical hits make it very frustrating when a sure win turns into a loss; the opposite rarely happens because you generally try not to head out into a battle that relies on a critical for winning.

This last element made me eventually give up on the game. I'd generally like to see much more choice: Maybe I could pick or buy reagents, or have some way of combining them into new ones. Skills and abilities with each level would also be nice, but not necessary - the point is giving the player more options.

The game might also benefit from different difficulty levels.

It's a good start and a great concept, I hope you will improve on it.

Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2011
3:08 PM EDT