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Classic chess game with side choose ,move undo and history preview option
Rules can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/w iki/Chess


Huge glitch

For some reason when i put the ai in check the game screws up. Besides that the game is decent.

Like MadMath said

I love Chess, I really love chess but... U confused the king and the queen, that fucked all D:.

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uzuriel responds:

Sorry graphics already switched if you still will se the old version of graphics just clear your browsers cache . Thanks for bug report.

A few issues.

That's a quite good looking chessgame.
But, there are some problems in it. First, you confused the king and the queen. Those pictograms don't represent what they should.
The king is supposed to be the one with the little cross above...
Though, they are still well placed on the chessboard.
Another thing is that on my first game, i checked (is that the correct word ?) his king, and the game said "Pat" and stopped. Though, there were possibilites for him to move. And obviously, there can't be any pat when someone is being checked. If you want i made a screenshot, i can send it to you. Just ask me.
The problem is I can't reasonably play if your game doesn't know the rules itself ;)

Nevertheless, i told you it was good looking, and fast enough. The history was very well done and clear. So you just need to correct those little things and it'll be perfect.

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uzuriel responds:

Will try to fix it during weekend thanks for review


The AI isn't very good, you've mixed the icons for kings and queens and the game is buggy: when I checked the opponent, the game apparently thought it ended the game, even though there were still possible moves.

king & queen...

The piece graphics for the king and queen are reversed... the king should have the cross on top, the queen wears the spiky crown.
Also it plays very badly, making some really poor moves. +10 Kudos for writing a working chess engine, but -5 rating points because it's particularly weak.
Are you using a minimax algorithm? It's possible you have a bug in the board scoring routine... that would account for the really weird moves (like it let me take its queen when it could have forced an exchange with one move).

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uzuriel responds:

Yeah it's a variation of mini maxi with only level 1 depth search

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3.02 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2011
3:31 AM EDT
Strategy - Other