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This game was a labor of love. When I was a kid I used to play all of these text adventures and I really enjoyed them. So I wanted to make one myself, and I did. I also filled it full of colorful art to help keep it interesting. I know not everyone is going to like this, and I don't care. I made it for fun and if just a few people enjoy it then it was all worth it. Thanks guys, stay cool.

Notes ----------
The game autosaves any time you enter a new room, so don't worry about saving
Melee combat is automatic, just like in the old days of text games and muds. Spells however must be manually cast by the player.
If you find a relic, you can equip/dequip them under 'Equipment'
There are five Relics in the game.

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Awesome game. Simple to play and I love the artwork - the characters, the monsters (especially the Reapers and that Beast from Hell X-D ) and the backgrounds. Great text descriptions as well. There was a bit of grinding here and there... but I was glad to find you did leave spots for resting and upgrading later in the game.

The game is very well made for Newgrounds standards. It's definitely one of the best text/acton RPG hybrids I've played so far.
As for my character build I went with (mainly) raising dexterity and strength
(by the end of the game their number value was the same - 31 I think,which together with +6 equipment meant that I could dodge over 70-80% of all hits,and only get 3-30 damage maximum)
I then had 11 intelligence because I wanted to both heal majority of my health and potentially finish enemies with approximately 46 points of damage(bolt spell).
I slightly focused on upgrading my health,but only raised it to 70 since more isn't really necessary (as long as you focus on what's happening every turn you can easily prevent death). My score was around 1516 when I entered the castle. Thankfully grinding xp/gold wasn't very tedious,and I managed to complete the whole game in 2.5 hours (spent a good amount of time exploring the map and trying to find rare monsters or an easter egg). Propably my most most favorite enemy is the *Beast From Hell* (Spoilers) :
Also,Cha(r)d might be my most favorite character from the game,but if I'm being honest most of them were pretty decent,even though they didn't get much spotlight.
I was kind of hoping that other council recruits would join the final battle in some way,maybe we could have fought every recruit one-by-one if we decided to join the wizard on his world conquest
(maybe we could have become his apprentice or he could use mind control to make us do his bidding after we joined him but decided to not obey a highly immoral order - something along those lines) .
To put it simply,I enjoyed the experience quite alot. 9/10 :)

That Rosco is a real Jean Reno look-alike ;) Great game, great art (as allways) and this old school RPG feeling is over the top. Used to play it when I was younger and the pleasure is still the same.

ok game is so bugged 99% of the time i keep missing my attacks what the heck is with that

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4.09 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2011
8:47 AM EDT