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30 Coins Is Bliss.

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Author Comments

30 Coins is Bliss: A game about morality, capitalism, and consequences...or maybe just another generic platformer.

Thanks for playing--this game was largely a project for me to become familiar with the Flixel Actionscript library (it worked!), but I think that the resulting product is alright, too. This game was based off a year-or-so old concept that I had about deconstructing some traditional platformer tropes...but in the end it more or less fulfills the majority of of your platformer expectations anyway.

As with most games I make, all programming, music, and art (what there is of it) was cobbled together by me to meet minimum personal standards.

With that in mind, enjoy!

EDIT: To clarify, for all good naysayers, heaven exists..

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Brilliant concept. :) I love the little nuances, too, like titles for each level. I've been looking at a lot of Flixel games tonight, and that's how I found this one. It's games like this that inspire me to try and make them.

I did think it was a little unfair that if you don't kill anyone you still go to hell. :( Sorry if that's a spoiler.


I have no idea how I got it, but here:


Proof that heaven exists. :3

Overally a good platformer with a nice idea. I liked the 8-bit music, kinda nostalgic about the good ol games from my childhood.
9/10 5/5

wahh !

since there are only 29 coins that can possibly be found or gained...


I got bliss the first time I played, but now I can't repeat it. What are you supposed to do to get the good ending?

FunkyDelPueblo responds:

Bliss is the good ending, hence the title.

Pretty fun.

I thought it was a pretty good game. Some of the coins were pretty hard to get and thats what I like is a good challenge. Also I like the interactive gameover stages. In chapter 3 Judgement: are the enemies on the bottom suppose to be all the enemies you vanquished during the game?

Also in the epilogue whats with the coins? Is the game programmed to leave you 1 coin short no matter what with the last coin out of reach?

FunkyDelPueblo responds:

Yes, the ghosts in Chapter 3 are from all of the enemies that you killed in Chapter 1.

And to answer your second question, there is a way to get all 30 coins in the game.

Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2011
11:11 PM EDT