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Harvey Brawl

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Author Comments

This is somewhat of an Electric Man 2 tribute that I made. The characters are based off of my sister's ex-boyfriend and his two brothers, and the result is something that looks incredibly dumb but plays surprisingly well.

If you find any bugs please report them in the Review section (unless someone else has already reported it!)

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Quite easy once you know the routine

Run towards the enemy, press ''S'', and you perform a jump attack that the opponent can't block, even when he attacks you. When he is stunned for a while, run to the other side and repeat. With this tactic, you can beat skill level 10 guys without losing HP. Don't use your special attack, and really dont try a close fight for a while.

Though it's really easy, i think it deserves a score above the 3.40. It has good and funny graphics, and works fine for me. Although the ''100p'' cheat doesn't work. (Or does it say anything else after the 100p, that I can't read?)

Kwing responds:

With every game there are usually exploits... Even console games. Perhaps I could have used some system for style points... But if you'd used the entire abundance of still and moving attacks, I think you'd have enjoyed it more. Exploitation may be efficient but it's not very fun.

Grr, no spoilers. But... *Rolls eyes* the cheat is l00p, with an L.


it lacks the motivation that gives the kick to the game....

Kwing responds:


This review makes none.

Not the best, but not the worst.

As with most games, there are good points and bad points. I'll start with the good, since focusing on them would be beneficial - the musical diversity is good, with the wealth of Audio Portal Submissions you've used. So many different artists as well, to help out the community. Free plugs for you, I know, but it's good to get a good spread.

The animation style was quirky - I particularly liked the fact that the characters reminded me of FancyPants Adventures, but with a photo or a traced image of a face over the head. Just something to make it your own, I suppose.

The biggest part to work on would be the engine - the controls lag a little and while the moves list is simple and reasonably effective, it doesn't help that you're punching your opponent and then he's managed to walk past you, evading the punch or kick.

On that issue, you're hit the deadly no-man's land - the movement is two dimensional, but flawed, since you can run past the other character effortlessly, thus dodging their blows, even while standing in front of them. You can't hit them, but that damages the mechanics of the game. I'd make it so that you can't run past one another and add a jump feature, so you can leap over the top of them, thus increasing the moves you can use. Not necessarily combo attacks, but it would give you somewhere to go.

On top of that, a story mode would be a nice way to get into the characters. Perhaps a few fights in the way of things like Street Fighter; Mortal Kombat or Tekken, just to show some more depth, plus as the difficulty would naturally increase in that sense, the game would become much more of a spectacle to play.

[Review Request Club]

Kwing responds:

The imported heads are meant to looked tacked-on and cheesy. In fact, the flames on the title screen, the horrible expressions, and the voice acting are all meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

I suppose I should have added in some more collision script other than just attacks, though. And the lack of background elements (throwing things, dangerous background elements) took something away from the game... But I still feel it's decent.

And thank you for suggesting a story mode. I'm not a big fan of linear gameplay but I think this requires at least a little.


Surprisingly well done! If your producing work with this kind of quality, you might have a talent worth pursuing.

But something feels missing, something special/unique but idk wtf it is.

Kwing responds:

I thought the gameplay was relatively fast and flowing, compared to other action/fighting games I've played on Newgrounds.


Seems like a nice game, but it feels like something is missing. Im sure if the multiplayer was done this would feel like a much better game. But thats probably just me talking since I do love some multiplayer lol.

Kwing responds:

Thanks. Kind of a short and useless review to be honest, though. >.<

Credits & Info

3.51 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2011
9:50 PM EDT