Viral Outbreak

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Fend off hoards of zombies, RE style! Use points to buy new ammo for your different gun types including the: Pistol, SMG, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, and more!

Weapon Switch:
A=Knife, S=Pistol, D=SMG, F=Shotgun / W=Frag Grenades ,E=Flash Grenades, R=Flame Grenades

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yeah re style

fun but

you cant dodge enemy projectiles or move and jump.

Deserves more than reviewers have been giving!

This game is simple and fun (not to mention addicting), and reminds me of a time in flash history (way back when), when games where all like this-- not the best graphics, simple gameplay, notoriously addictive! Just like the good ol' days, it involves a stick dude (who can't move), with lots o' guns, killing stuff (zombies in this case).

This is the type of game that many of the (now legendary) flash pioneers made during the dawn of the internet. (Now I don't mean "Club a Seal" type game-- that was just terrible!) =P

Too easy

Use only the knife to kill EVERYTHING -
even better: knife only makes nobody throw parts at you...