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MeMox is a memory game that bases upon - and enhances- the gameplay of the popular "Simon" games from the 80ies.
It offers different difficulty settings and is also available to be played on the go with your iPhone (and soon Android). The "VS" mode is not available in the online version because it is meant to be played with the phone lying on the table between the players.

An updated version will contain an online scoreboard if there is enough demand for it.

Hope you enjoy

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Not bad for a Simon Says game.

Youve increased the number of sounds from 4 to 10 (from the original game), which allows for harder gameplay. The sounds themselves were fitting and your graphics are very nice.

Perhaps something a bit more exciting than 2D is required? It got boring quite quickly (guess I was young when this sort of game was interesting).

Id love to see this in 3D! (such as a 10 or 12-sided polygon). Now that would be challenging,

Pretty good for something simple!

I never expected you--the creator of Starlight Odyssey--to submit here again, and while this may not be too elaborate when compared to what's in the top 50; I enjoyed this for what it was.

Graphics: I really liked the textured visuals for something that's under a megabyte. Plus, the lighting effects were really neat as well, along with the interface used.
Sound: There wasn't any music, but that wasn't needed for the xylophone sounds were cute and a bit charming if I do say so.
Gameplay: Look, it may not be original, but not everything needs to be 100 percent original in order to be good (although there are exceptions to that). For a point-and-click game, I enjoyed for what it was meant to be. Anything more would be missing the point. On the other hand, the1truehero is correct to mention that it can get repetitive at times.

What I like:
-Simple and to the point
-Nice photoshopped graphics
-Fitting sound
-Small filesize
-Fun to play if you're in need of a quick gaming fix.

What I didn't like:
-The fact that similar games were made before this.
-Gets monotonous after a while.

Overall: Here's an eight out of ten, and have you considered doing a sequel to Starlight Odyssey?

genesys responds:

hehe.. nice you remember. There actually is an unfinished sequel - a starfoxlike 3d flash shooter game which is rottening somewhere in the depths of my backupdisks.
But stay tuned, i'm working currently on some 3d sci-fi games for the iPhone which i'll also link to some newgrounds submission.

Thank for your review, I appreciate!


Its fun for awhile. the graphics are good and it runs smoothly. Flaw, gets boring after a while; thats the only one, but its a big one. good job though.

Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2011
3:59 PM EDT