Dill Pickle

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A cartoon me and my lady made together about peer pressure, she apparently doesnt like dill pickles. I however think they're great, mmmmmm pickles not peer pressure....

Created by Lee Bird, Heidi Bird

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Good moral values

I found this to be nice. Gives a good moral lesson as well which is never give in to peer pressure as you will almost always lose either way you go after giving in to it. No matter how much money or whatever they give you, it is really not worth it. As later you feel a deep regret and left out forever when they stop talking to you afterward. Nice lesson taught.

The animation was fairly nice here. I like how you made the background layer a piece of paper and with the pickles constantly having their lines moving even when still kind of makes it feel like it was drawn on paper and you are seeing the finished result where they do the real fast paper flipping thingy.

I actually found this flash to be good. The only thing bad here is the voice actor should have spoke up a bit with some more confidence. It felt like they were pulled away from the mic the whole time and not really putting much soul or effort into it.

Overall, very nice piece of work.

I like the animation but...

Your voice actor needs to practice more, it started to kill the story at some points. You could just use music and let the story tell itself. I think that would work out well.

Ummmm...George is a Cannibal?

George doesn't like the taste or smell of dill pickles..... Okay.........
So he only likes the taste of sweet pickles..... wow...cannibal !!!

Pretty funny and nice animation. Good work !

wakka wakka

ok why is the sweet pickle face is on his junk and the rest is on average level
but i find this story fascinating and still learn a valuable lesson...i need to buy more pickles

humour and message

i am being generous with this score, because i see great potential in you as a flash creator.
i look forward to the next, though i would suggest another voice actor
sorry, but thats just what i think

Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2011
11:24 AM EDT
Comedy - Original