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I'm new to programing in flash i'l make better games as i get more practice making them. However it was quite a bit of work learning even this much so Enjoy!


Old concept, but for once a decent addition

Now I can't argue with TheRealSalkind below. He's right on every point. Music, a must. New shapes and the such, take what he is saying seriously. But I do want to add this, I have played many avoidance games like this and many eat or be eaten games as well. This is one of the few that not only do you have to fight the other objects, but the environment as well. I like that. Not only do you need to work to avoid the bigger cubes but now you got to worry about fighting a current that keeps trying to push you away which adds to the challenge of trying to avoid those nasty cubes if they push you into a corner. For your first attempt I must say you did a wonderful job in your programing. If you can pull this quality work out while new, I can't wait to see what you can do when you get some experience under your belt.

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This game is awsome!

Add what the review below me has and it'll be even better! I'm giving you a five every day! (Oh, you ust got +.04 from me...) Also, is it atually called flash? I don't know where to download it and I'd like to!, Again, GREAT game! I wasted like 20 minutes on this,

Not a good game yet, but a good draft

Well, the concept works: even without music, even with poor graphics, I played the game for about 5 minutes. But there are some lacks.

As said before, basic shapes is a bit too much basic; you could change the shapes of the enemy, for example, or making them slowly rotate, which would be harder to dodge (just an idea). And a mute game is always something a bit sad, try to find a cool musical loop.

Now, two or three other things. First, if you click on the screen, the game will reload, regardless about where you clicked. Right now, it's not a problem, because you don't have any buttons, but there will be when you'll add one for sound on/off, for example. Other flaw, and there it's problematic: if the ball eats a square in the bottom of the screen, it kind of got stuck there, and can't move anymore, which is kind of problematic in an avoid game. Finaly, there is a point counter, but you don't earn points, so it's pointless (*laughs in the audience*).

But well, for a beginner, it's not that bad. Correct those points, and you'll have something good. And don't forget: for games as for hitting children with a shovel, it's always better with music.

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looks kinda like a stripped-down gamejam entry

Just use pictures of a hookworm eating bacteria inside an intestine instead of basic geometric shapes, and slap some silly music on it, and you'd have a legitimate time-waster on your hands!

Yeah, not bad at all!!

Good game, eat and grow lol ^^

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2.34 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2011
3:07 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid