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Infinite Tower RPG

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Level up your character as he fights through skeletons, orcs and dark knights on his way to the highest floor of the tower. Carefully balance your health, attack, speed and defense to progress as far as you can.

Use the mouse for all actions, including upgrading and purchasing weapons for your character.

OBS: The Paladin class is exclusive to gamejelly.com, but since I LOVE NG, I unlocked it for you!
OBS2: Due to sponsorship agreements, Paladin class is going to be relocked. BUT I STILL LOVE NG!


lvl 328 rogue

too easy...

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Fairly nice

For being as simple as it is, this game kept my attention for a good 45 minutes, at level 280 i found the fast forward button and only made it to level 358. all in all it could use a bit more music variety, and a few more bad guys or gameplay variety

Level 237 Knight

This was a good game, and I, for sure, will tell my friends.

it was good,but there was no battle involved.

it was quick,but needs movement.when i saw rpg i thought it was going to be like a turn based thing.


I had my doubts when i first started, but it really caught my attention!

I reached level 274 with a rogue ^^

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3.62 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2011
1:45 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG