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Fireworkin: Pyrotherapy

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Author Comments

A, S, D, F, G : Trigger fireworks (to their corresponding letter when the fuse is aligned with them)
UP ARROW : Use 'Damper' item (if purchased)
DOWN ARROW: Use 'Propellant' item (if purchased)

Well, here's a pretty simple game that I probably put way too much effort and features into. Shop system? Check. Leaderboards? Check. Lots of dazzling glowey explodey things? Triple check.

This game is actually a hashed out version of the 'Fireworkin' mini-game I made last month for the 'Applo' browser game. We decided after the great feedback we got for Revolution Shoe, and the slew of new players it brought into Applo, that we'd run that again. Of course, we weren't just going to take some lowly little mini-game and throw it at you as is, no. Ohh-ho ho, no. We're not THAT desperate for attention to deprive you guys of a thought-out gaming experience.

Then again, 'thought-out' and 'gaming experience' aren't up to us to call. It's up to you guys to determine how it is. So tell us what you think. Comments appreciated. Criticism honored.

Comments appreciated. Criticism honored.

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I SORTA LIKED IT, but i wish you had chosen keys that are not directly next to each other

It could be as addicting as starbucks!

But the words are in the way of my being able to dicern what fuse is comming next... that and the colours are too similar...

Fix that and you get a perfect score!

vest816 responds:

Awesome, thanks for the concise input. That's exactly the kind of knowledge I need to improve upon this game. I'll definitely give it more distinct colors, and move the judgment indicator to be less obtrusive.


Nice job! Fireworks animations are cool, and the concept is like guitar hero with fireworks!

vest816 responds:


I'm trying to not make it look too much like Guitar Hero, though. The similarities are actually a legitimate concern of mine, which is why I designed the workshop items to make the game play much differently (instead of affecting score, it affects scroll rate).

Also, from a gaming standpoint, I like to think of it more as Drum Mania than GH, honestly. The UI is to more closely resemble that.

Awesome Saucem!

Beat the entire game. Great work on this I loved the shop and upgrades. Beat it in 22:44. Definitely make more. you should make it with different difficulties with
different numbers of keys.

vest816 responds:

Great idea! Maybe have the 'supply' upgrade also be what upgrades the difficulty. So level 3 opens up the 5th purple wick. Not a problem to add in.

Thanks for the input. :)

Nice graphical work

the main problem was I could only really focus on the fuses and not enjoy the fireworks.

Which to me is the reward of a fireworks game.

Pretty good.

vest816 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Hmm, I'll have to think about how to make the fireworks more noticeable without having to divert your attention from the wicks...Maaaaybe, put the wicks in the middle of the screen with the fireworks going off from the sides? Or, hmm...a free play mode when you beat the game...

...Yes. Yes! That's the one!

When you beat the game, it unlocks the 'Free Play' mode during the grand finale screen. So you can view any background, and press the keys you want to view your own fireworks spectacle and..and...and...

...woooah-hoooa boy, I'm on a motivated roll here...

...THEN you can get better bigger fireworks by just firing off a bunch of them in rapid succession, so a 'Crowd Awe' meter goes up, and the more rapidly you shoot them off the more ornate they get SO YOU END UP MAKING YOUR OWN GRAND FINALE SEQUENCE OH MY GOD IT IS SO OBVIOUS WHY HASN'T ANYBODY VOTED THIS A ZERO OUT OF TEN FOR COMPLETELY MISSING THIS GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY!?