Super Mario Racing II

March 12, 2011 –
April 25, 2012
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Mario is racing again with Toad,Lugi, princess,bowser,etc. However, It is not easy for Mario to get to the first place, he will has to stop his opponents from passing him by taking all of them out of the race. Go and help mario win the race.
Use Arrow Keys and SpaceBar to Play


If this game wasn't boring, I would have rated it higher. First of all, the storyline is repetitive, if it's a story line. Second, Mario keeps on racing straight. Why can't you make tracks to race on? That would also mean that you would have to change the storyline, which is good. Third, the weapons are all limited. All you can do is shoot mushrooms. Can you add a lot more to it, please?

Not too sensitive (big issue with driving games) and great art and sound.
It gets a bit repetitive after a few levels, especially when Peach is saying the same dialogue over and over again. I did like the different power ups, each very useful. I never found a way to die, and the game itself seems impossible to lose. Make it harder with a better storyline and this would be an awesome game.


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2.50 / 5.00