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Metal Slug S

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Author Comments

I was playing Metal Slug and decided to attempt a flash game similar to it. The result exists in a world where people can't crouch, aim weapons up or down, and sometimes get trapped in walls.

I set out to make a game, not a pretty game.

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i KNOW that this is from 2002, but its full of gitchles and bugs. The worst is that this is M and the cr*p that makes it M is some red points that appear when you shoot some stick.

An attempt... and a failure.

So the concept seemed rather good honestly, a run and gun in flash would be awesome, but the execution was really poor overall. "I set out to make a game, not a pretty game" really just seems like a lame excuse.

The bugs were numerous, grenades were thrown when I didn't have any, enemies wouldn't die, I wouldn't die, I could fly across and past the entire map, walls would get clipped into or ignored. Really a buggy mess, near not playable, but the combat was moderately good for patterns and dodging and etc.

The controls were odd. Why not make up jump instead of shift? Why not fix the collision instead of having caps lock re spawn you? Why would you fire with control and grenade with space when you really should reverse those?

Really a failure of a game here, but hey, it did well regardless, so good for you!

that a stick figure war game

Even if you tried, you had to make controls simular to Metal Slug and same gameplay, too. Neither presents.

I could cheat this game you know.