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Space Shooter Beta 0.03

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Author Comments

THERES A RESPAWN NOW!!! SO THERE!!!! lol, but seriously, leave a comment at the bottom and tell me what to improve.

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the ship looks great but a plot and some features might be what you should look in to hes a plot i've seen alot your a forgoten worrior lost in time and space looking to reclaim your home and your humanity give him are dark past or some thimg like that you know

Majo10Majo responds:

I agree! Great idea, I will try to do something like that once my computer is back on its feet


This is like a watching a flash movie............OF A HORRIBLE UNFINISHED GAME THAT DOESN'T EVEN WORK.

Majo10Majo responds:

That's better than what I thought of it! :3


Do not flood the portal with broken and unfinished games... If you must inform people of you're progress, start a thread in the forums and use the dumping grounds to show off your flash.

Don't upload things like this to the flash portal, it is against the rules.

- Your movie must not be a pointless "demo" or "preview" without any redeeming qualities.

Cant get past 8 seconds

enemies stop spawning, thats the only problem for now... oh and by the way: newgrounds hate when people upload several versions of the same game, so test the game before you upload it


So... what happens after you dodge the first 4 things? Nothing happens after. You can also fly off the screen which is kinda cheap.

Majo10Majo responds:

My apologies for being cheap, but I'm new to the industry. You wanna make games? Go ahead, you'd most likely do better than I do, but it takes getting used to.