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How it's made: A baby!

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Author Comments

Made for a biology class, (for fun that is) and portrays rather quickly the how we were made. (lol nice sentence)
Didn't took me long and it was mostly for fun... I just had to use the mario SFX's...

EDIT: Oh my, it didnt get blammed!

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he was trying to be funny and was bored -.-

Madcowe responds:

Lol yea something like that

yeaahh no...

you got it all wrong , at that stage theres still thousands of sperm cells trying to enter the eggcell wich has a protective layer that you could compare to glass so it should of just been 2 circles inside eachother
and the spermcell loses its tail when it enters

and low score for
bad art
mario music
didnt get the facts right
where is the cell reproducing 1-2-4-8-16-32 etc....

Madcowe responds:

well, I would get the facts right if this was actually for a work, I made this in biology class, not for biology class... but yea what you said its true, I was just bored and in like 5 minutes did this...


...you got the basics of how a baby is made, but only 2 or 1 part(s), you only showed that the sperm goes into the egg, BUT THE EGG...doesn't look like that. But i liked how you got some Mario sounds in, and the baby thing, but what about the other things on how to make a baby?

You got the most important part of making a baby, and that's all that fairly Important, but whoever doen't know about that, will think the sperm is actully called an eddie, and when that eddie goes in the egg, it turns into a :O, and they will also be wondering how the egg is made and the sperm(or eddie) and if the baby comes out in an instant.

I'd say 1.5, rounded to 2, so you get 2 stars.

2 stars = You can do better.

Madcowe responds:

this review actually made me lol, yea, of course I can do better also because it was just made in a flash (no pun intended) and... well idk, I'll do something better when I have the time

Second thoughts

At first, when I see the sperm on the loading screen, I'm thinking, "Oh god, this is gonna be horrible..." Then, I finish watching, scrolled down, and realized how it could be used for educational purposes. Now, I don't think it should be blammed, just that it should have a 2.50-ish score due to how fast this took you. For me, -3 for the bad art. But in a way, that is how a baby is made, not just some cock joke video. Maybe if you took some more time on this, it would be better. But that's if you want. I just hate the art and some of the animation.

Madcowe responds:

yea, I did this in seconds and mostly because I found out the auto-pattern tool in flash, I could make a way better video if I wanted to though.... maybe I'll think about it

It's not...

Even a useful educational video. You'd have to make a series of around... 20 of them to explain it properly.

Madcowe responds:

Yea, this was just something I whipped up in a few minutes and said "heck, why dont I post this on NG?" and that's basically the story...

I may do some serious projects on the future though

Credits & Info

2.66 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2011
11:55 AM EST