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My Little Pony Sprites V5

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Author Comments

So far everything here is the result of 10 days of work
I still need to: (updated on 12/03/2011)
1: make more clouds
2: more buildings
3: more plants
4: more Characters
5: interiors

EDIT1: this is only a Sprite show off feedback on what can be improved is welcome a bug when jumping left were you turn into twilight is known
EDIT 2: Rarity and Spike finished Flash updated! added rough road and clouds
EDIT 3: Derpy Hooves added and DJ Pon-3 as well :)
EDIT 4: Applebloom finished and more tracks added

EDIT 5:Scootaloo added press Q to get on/off scooter!

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Nice sprite show off, very fluid and quite well made.
It's a little unnecessary for Scootaloo to walk, but... Meh, it´s cute.
Also, I like the interaction with the characters :)

I am a brony as well And I like Fluttershy She Is The Best Of The Mane Six

Oh my Gosh
Scootaloo is so Fast on her Scooter
Yeah fast fast fast

hush now quit now time to go to sleep O.o

I wish could get to derpy by doing something like jumping on the roofs. I love tho.