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Make a Pizza

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Author Comments

INSTRUCTIONS: Simply click on a topping button and it will appear on the side. Drag it over and start making your pizza. Clicking on the music notes plays the tunes, either pizza-themed or with an italian sound, and the red button mutes them. Pressing 'Cut' will actually cut your pizza, but you can't drag the pieces. It's only for show. "Reset" will reset the whole application.

NOTES: Layering is a little odd. Toppings will pile on top of one another, but if you want the sauce (the packette looking button) to be on the bottom, click that first. If not, the topping you click before it will go underneath. But I think in most cases, the tomato sauce goes first. Not many other snags to note, although do take into consideration that I am not an artist so the sausage is supposed to be those crumbled bits you get, and the white block is Feta cheese, not cocaine, although you can most certainly imagine that, but this is an 'E' game so officially, it's Feta.

OTHER COMMENTS: I originally made this because, after looking through the 'maker' 'make a' tags, I didn't see one for a pizza. I did find plenty of Diner Dash simulators involving pizza, but if you're like me, after a long day, you don't want to mess with something like that. You want something to rot your brain, make you hungry so you actuallly order pizza, and will also not get you caught by the cops when they find you in possession of it. I'm sure there are pizza making simulators on here, and 10x better than mine, but I haven't seen one.

This was made in less than a day. It was originally going to be submitted last semester (I'm in university, with no concept of 'year') but the version of GF2 I had was old and wouldn't register the drag n drop command. Thus, the project was put on hold until I had the time download the new version. Once downloaded, I remade the whole game and I think it's much better than the original I had planned. The large file size comes from the music. I could've kept just one song in it looping, but I figured that allowing one to choose from three might be a little more interesting.

There's really not much else to say about it except that I hope you enjoy it and maybe, with some suggestions, I may refine/make a sequel. Javaders II is in the works, but it's far from started yet.

EDIT: Did find Pizza Maker. In my opinion, great art, but customization was a little yawn worthy, as I couldn't spread the individual toppings. To each his own. Again, I'm not saying mine is the greatest. I only wanted to make a pizza.

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i cant tell

i cant tell if this is good or bad...

My pizza is raw..

I'm evidently gonna eat my pizza raw. and I tried to cut it, someone put black licorice on it. >:V

LosaruTaiyo responds:

Oh but licorice on pizza is awesome 8D. I joke of course. I supposed I could have gone with another color, yes, but that last detail was a little rushed.

... what?

No sauce?

LosaruTaiyo responds:

Press the packette looking button, the top left closest to the pizza.

Pretty good

It's okay for a drag and drop game. And it did make me hungry.
The Feta cheese does look like cocaine lmao, but looks tasty nonetheless.
Nice job.

Also, one of the songs reminded me of Moonlight Sonata..which I love.

LosaruTaiyo responds:

Thanks and as said, my artistic abilities are something to be desired. XD. I took time looking for those three, out of countless other food related music. I think I covered some decent genres. Again, thanks for the review.

Credits & Info

2.91 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2011
9:10 PM EST