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Author Comments

HI to all :)
Finally i finished my first full retro-designed platform :)
save the world from evil-bots!!
Collect all the secret blueprints to find a way to stop the robot invasion....

you can submit the score only if you beat the game :)
collect money for more points
find the secret weapons in the maps :) (machinegun, bazooka...ect)
defeat the robot boss

i had very fun creating this game.. i hope it will be fun for you to play!


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Just a bit too annoying

Level 9 or 10(?) where you have to jump across the small platforms with spikes on the ceiling, you miss and fall down 3 levels... that finally wore out my patience.

vartagh responds:

go check out my last game "evilbots RELOADED" ;)

You dirty son of a bitch!

This god damn game is sooo fucking hard! And i'll be dam to ever beat this fucking unplayable game! and no, no its not the worst game out there, i'll give you this, the lvl design's are very impressive. But the game itself is just impossible! i got a few levels passed the boss and don't get me wrong the boss level is easy but, the reason why this game is so difficult is that there is too much plat forming, obstacles, and lasers... holy mother of God! there is way to many freaking lasers! Also, you didn't add any music in the game. I mean come on! there's music on the front page for Christ sake, but not in the game?! What? Did you forgot to add any music or something?! I'll gave you an 8 because the graphics, and level design was very good and i with out of doubt hate, but respect this game!

vartagh responds:

go check out my last game "evilbots RELOADED" ;)


Okay manly this game is fun to play, however it has a few things not helping it out. The movement of the camera is weird, if it just followed the player it would serve better, but it seems to advance a bit before the player starts his momentum up. Next the lazer randomness was nice, HOWEVER the fact that yo could walk through them caused me annoyance, it would have been better if they were solid. The lack of checkpoints was annoying, perhaps add more. Other then that it was a fine game, music was enjoyable, and I played for quite awhile.

vartagh responds:

i think you are right with the solid turrets.. ;)

Nice, but too frustrating

This game reminds me of Secret Agent Man from Apogee. Back in those days, you'd buy a disk with a game like this and play it for hours, no matter how frustrating it was.

But this is 2011, there are millions of games, so when a game gets frustrating, people just move on to the next.

This game really needs more checkpoints in most levels. Also, you should be able to make small jumps instead of always jumping the same height no matter how fast you tap the up button.

There are many places where you have to jump down and can't see what's below, so you have to depend on luck.

Finally, you could make the game look more interesting by making the backgrounds scroll at half speed.


I do like these kind of simple platformers and I also like the graphics.
But the laser don't make any sense. Their shooting interval seems to be random. I can't pass the cave level where you need to advance a certain distance and drop to the 'hole' for cover because the laser shoots too fast. I'm running as soon as the passes me and I'm still miles away from safety when another shot comes. I managed to get to the end one time but messed up in the end, and after the death it has become impossible to pass so maybe there is a bug in how you handle the shooting intervals after you die.
I hope you take a look at this because this seems like a good game but it's impossible for me to advance due to this bug.

vartagh responds:

a little trick : you can jump over the laser if you take the right timing ;)
lasers are 3 seconds shoot with 10% random time

Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2011
8:05 PM EST