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A.L.P.H.A game-design

Under 60 seconds on each level (landscaping and basic maintenance needs to be re-rendered)

-working on-

- new hud and weapons
- new character
- applying game machanics
- set the game modes
- new pickup(s)

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WOW good job the best game ever! No get real! This game sucks! I whent into the negatives with my ammo! WTH!


work. alot of it. game dose have promise.

Area 51: The Moon, eh? eh?!

Looking forward to it! Just don't make it as repetitive as the aliens. Can't wait!

To many flaws

You can go into negative ammo, health, can't reload on the 3 levels after the first. on a loop. pretty much impossible to lose, even if you dont have ifinate health. glichy enemys, and gun. very good this is not final


Just draw your own graphics using the tools you're given in Flash, it will look much, MUCH better even if you don't know how to draw. Also, try using a different font for the numbers, and make it white!
I know it's only on Alpha, but man it looks so terrible that it annoys me. The gameplay is barely working too, after the first level.
Make some transactions between levels too, but make them pretty, for God's sake! :P