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Experiment command

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Author Comments

Hi NG. This is my forth submission to newgrounds, and I'm quite excited about it. It's my best flash submission yet and I am fairly pleased with the result.

There are 8 levels or rooms in the game, I would have had more, but I started to run dry with ideas. Some are excessively easy and some are slightly harder, I made sure the commands were as easy as possible to understand, because my last attempt wasn't so good.

I would like to thank the people who reviewed the unfinished version of the game, because it was them who gave me the push to finish it. (The unfinished version is still on NG if anyone wants a look...)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, this is my first "proper" submission and I put a lot of work into it.

Any reviews (With constuctive cristism) are welcome (I would love to hear what you thought of the game, and all that).

See ya 'round :D

P.S. If you want help, PM me. ;)

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I think you are certainly getting there. The user interface in this version is way better than in your last one. I also like the look of the character better. I am glad that you didn't give up. There are still some places to improve.

1. If an action does nothing it is nice to say "that does nothing" or you can make up some more detailed responses too like "you jump vigorously on the floor and nothing happens"

2. More levels. Your ideas from the first game were good (though I still don't know how to use the keypad in level 4) there is nothing wrong with recycling them into the new version ( the box and keypad levels for example).

3. I liked that the game had deaths, you could add a maze type quality to the game if you allow the player to go back through the rooms (and make wrong turns that have their own puzzles).

4. One thing that you can do (though evil) is until you figure where you want to go with the game is put an impossible (or nearly so) puzzle in the last room. If you are familiar with the towers of hanoi puzzle that is a fun one that is solvable, simple but takes an eternity to really solve.

5. Finally I do agree with ZevVeli that it would have been nice if the command line cleared after each command as well. But it is better than the command line in the original game.

Again I really think this was a vast improvement over your last version, and I am glad to see that you continued with it. I don't know if room 8 is the end or if there is a way out of room 8 (I haven't been able to do anything other than notice a breeze in there).

Keep up the good work. I definitely look forward to seeing this progress farther, or whatever you decide to do next if you should take a different route. For the improvement and the fun of the game 4/5 8/10

Not bad.

It was a good throwback to the old command games. The only complaint I have is that the command line should have deleted the command each time enter was hit. 8/10.


You could put in a sequence where you watch him do what you told him to do, and more rooms would've been nice, but other than that...good job, ja!


I liked the game, you should add more levels though.

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2011
4:28 PM EST