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Drop Blocks

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This is the first revision, comments welcome, updates to follow. Has high score save so have fun!

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What do you know

I was JUST thinking about the old sega master system game columns, I go to Newgrounds, and what was the MOST recent submission? Something that is practically columns. Although not exactly. They didn't come down in formations in columns, they were always 3x1 blocks.

It would be better if instead of having 5 wildcards per game, if you get a bonus of a wildcard for getting so far into the game. Like maybe one wildcard every 10000 points. Or rather, based on other people's scores, maybe you'd better make that 5000. I beat the next highest score so far by 50% my first time playing it, come on, what kind of half-assed effort are you people mustering?

atkman responds:

I am thinking about awarding a bonus wildcard for reaching level 10 and any 5-hit-ombo during any part of the game in the next revision. So you can rack up as many wildcards as possible early. Also thinkning about adding bomb-lets or something...

Pretty Good

This is well made, even if it is another tetris remake. I find it more fun than tetris though thanks to the blocks not holding in midair. That used to really frustrate me :)

Pretty darn good

A great puzzle game, pretty addicting, easy to get into as well. I think all it needs is some music and this would be a perfect 10. It kept me in long enough for me to get second of all time on the high scores. Again a great game.

atkman responds:

I wouldn't mind adding music as long as its is pleasing and doesn't take long to load. I need to keep the load time down. thx.


very fun game. its like a mash up of tetris and bejeweled well done

atkman responds:

thank you for the kind review!! I have learned that know matter what the game generally is it will be similiar to something... look at all the mashups and variety versions of the original Puzzle Bobble game.

Very fun

I like this game. It is a different version of tetris. I think i have seen a game like thi before but that doesnt mean this game isnt great. If it is like this now i cannot wait for when Anthony makes some updates!

Credits & Info

4.57 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2011
9:55 AM EST