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Use the up and down arrows to control Kitty the cat. Avoid lamposts, benches, parking meters, post boxes, fire hydrants and huge dogs with nasty sharp teeth. Collect food on the way and catch that mouse!



the game lags as S**T wich makes it impossible to play, it is not an entertaining game to play, still 5/5 10/10

Why? because you touch yourself at night

Not a favorite...

I found this game entertaining for about 5 minutes. I dont know whether there is an actual end to this game but if there is I did not reach it. I am giving this game a 4 because it is not very original and the animation is not that good. But it is a working game so i give Grey Olltwit that. If you are bored its a great game because IT HAS NO ENDING!!! What i suggest to the author is that there should be more animation in a background. Also,actually draw your own characters instead of taking them from somewhere else and colour them in with different colours! So yeah, thats my opinion... STOP STARING AT ME>:-(

not bad

nice game of cat and mouse like tom and jerry only this time you get to join in. Could use some music though.

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2.31 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2011
9:15 AM EST
Skill - Collect