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Laser Device

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Move and rotate items to complete the task.

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Okay, so it's probably not fair or polite for me to review a game that's been out for this long. Players, if you think that's true, ignore me. I'm dumb.

I remembered playing a game almost exactly like this in the 1990s. That's not a bad thing though. I do have some legitimate comments, so bear with me:
-I'm not aware of any weird bugs in your game.

- I feel like there should be some big score penalty for pressing the start button to test the player's alignment of the pieces too often.

-In several levels, the pieces were in the way more often than not. I had to move them to one corner before beginning to solve it. A better option might be to have the pieces start in a menu or outside the play area.

-There is one level where not all of the laser emitters are even necessary to solve the puzzle, which was strange.

-There is one level that can be solved without moving anything. That's poor level design, but I guess it was there to fill out the level select so the author could move on to a bigger and better project.

Overall, I liked the game, but it's not one I'll play again. I think I'll try some of this dev's other work sometime.


I cannot get past lvl 9

Very nice, but...

... it's just too easy, for I've finished this game in a few minutes or so. The concept is nice, but there are some alterations you should consider in order to make it more challenging and enjoyable. Here's some ideas that came through my mind while playing:

- The player should be penalized by some actions, such as hitting the walls with stray lasers;

- The player could also be rewarded with more points by using less laser beams (having the option to choose which lasers in field are activated) or using less mirrors/splitters;

- Improve the plasma color filters system. To change a laser color, most of the times all you gotta do is put the filter in front or the laser receiver (a rule like "the laser color MUST be changed before touching a prism or splitter). Also, it could be more dynamic, by changing the colors of the receivers to match two mixed colors (EX. blue laser + yellow laser = green laser receiver, etc);

- Instead of having the tools scattered throughout the playing field, make an area outside it, so the player can chose which tools to use (having to move stuff out of the beam's way is annoying sometimes, or maybe I'm just too damn lazy... ;.)

Overall, I considered this a good game that kept me entertained for a while. I hope that my review was somewhat helpful. Keep it up, peace!
8/10 - 4/5

Credits & Info

2.93 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2011
6:12 AM EST

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