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Wrath of Evil

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Defend the gates of hell from waves of brave humans! Upgrade, buy spells, change archer classes and survive as long as you can!

Spell shortcuts: 1, 2, 3, 4

There is a boss every 15 waves. Don't quit early as the game has much to offer! Just upgrade on a regular basis and you will succeed.

You won't see all the features of the game if you quit too early.

Just one note - The priestesses do not stack! If there are 5 of them, reduction is 20%, if there is only one, the reduction is again 20%.

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Nice game, very funny and i love the graphic mate! 5/5


Got to play this the 8th time and I must say that it was all worth having a correct strategy and accurate levelling up of skills and so on. I just only hoped that there is a skill wherein you can restart all your skill levels in one go. And the rest is history.

Great Game

Azazel comes from the Hebrew term for the accuser in the Hebrew Scriptures(Old Testament). Much later during Hellenization dating roughly from 200 BCE to 300 BCE Azazel slowly developed into the current idea of the devil. So no the term was definitely not stolen as it has been around for millenia. Keep in mind Demons and the Devil did not exist in the Hebrew scriptures and was created by those in the period of Hellenization. Further the accuser in Hebrew scriptures works for God in that context and was questioning the purity of one of his prophets. Any other questions of this nature can be directed to me via PM.
On the subject of the game....I did enjoy it and found out why I was having issues with the flash working properly and thought I should share. I was Firefox 3.6 on Linux 64 bit and the arrows weren't doing damage. Oddly after trying chrome and few others it didn't seem to work. However Chromium did. I think this is a problem created by Adobe Square for 64bit users. As Chromium has a built in flash player which is separate from Firefox.

Is the Lvl 60 boss beatable?

5 points for the fun and -5 for the unreasonable difficulty.

Fun, but...

It's WAY too hard in multiple instances. The birds are simply over kill and they're really hard to hit. The nuns are a good concept, but they stack up so fast that it's virtually impossible to kill any of them including the attackers coming at you and the birds coming at you. Also, the mouse is bugged up. I've tried it on multiple computers thinking that it might just be a certain mouse, but it has happened on all computers I've played it on. The mouse will just suddenly stop moving and won't respond to anything as if it has to catch up with what I'm trying to do.

Otherwise, it's really a good game. The upgrade system is well done, it's challenging (if not slightly impossible) and it isn't boring.

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3.45 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2011
3:28 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place February 25, 2011