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My wife enjoys these types of games so I decided to take a little time to whip together something she'd enjoy. This is what I came up with! Modeled off an old phone game she used to love I added some extra fun to it. I know it's simple, so thanks for playing!


Like Drugs

The description of a good game is when you really like it and it´s hard to stop playing.
I´m not sure that I´m so found of this game, but I REALLY CAN´T STOP PLAYING IT, and I´m wasting my life and time on it. That would be the adequate description of drugs?
However I think you should explain the "special blocks", Maybe I´m stupid, but it took me a while to figure everyone of those out.


Honestly, if your wife loves it. Then shouldn't that be all the review you need? =]


This game is pretty decent. There many parts of this game that I completely loved and some that I weren't particularly a fan of.

As for the good. I love the graphics. It's visual appealing to see the blocks, after clicked on, go up in the air and then fade away. I also think the "UNDO" feature is a really nice touch because I'm always the person that goes clicks something and then immediately regrets it. Make blocks that move the map down or across with the (|) and (-) blocks give the game a unique quality, that it's not just another matching dumb matching of the shapes flash.

I think you could have improve on the game in some aspects. I was messing with my speakers because sound wasn't coming out of them, then I realized that the game didn't have sound. Maybe a light explosion or a sound that was more on the happy side I think would work nicely.

This game has a lot of potential, there is just a few things that could be fixed up.

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loved it

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Great and addicting

My score was 165,326 and I got to level 6
Great job and the game is really addicting

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3.22 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2011
10:15 PM EST
Puzzles - Other