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Fantasy XFII

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Flying Rodent Exterminator 5 Points

Defeat the first boss.

Fun Guy 5 Points

Defeat the second boss.

Weight Lifter 5 Points

Reach level 5.

Power Level Over 9000! 10 Points

Defeat the final boss.

Repeat Offender 10 Points

Defeat the third boss.

Super Power Warrior 10 Points

Reach level 15.

Tough Guy 10 Points

Reach level 10.

Finish What You Started 25 Points

Beat the game.

Master Mage 25 Points

Obtain every spell.

Snooper 25 Points

Find all of the secret powerups.

Super Power Warrior EXTREME! 25 Points

Reach level 20.

Ultimate Defense 25 Points

Get the strongest armor.

Well-Armed 25 Points

Get the strongest weapon.

DUKE NUKEM 50 Points

Reach level 25.

Author Comments

Edit: Thanks very much for the front page NG!

Update: Made an update to speed up the overworld on slower computers. Also changed something that might help with the falling through floors glitch a little; I'm still not sure about what causes that though.

This is the sequel to my last game, Fantasy XF, though you don't need to have played that first before trying this one or anything. This game is an rpg/platformer hybrid kind of like Maple Story or the Castlevania games on the GBA and DS.

The controls are explained on the "controls" page from the main menu and also explained by the soldier in the opening cutscene, but here they are for further convenience:
Up Arrow: Jump
Down Arrow: Go through doors, talk, etc.
Z: Advance dialog
X: Attack
C: Hold down to charge magic meter in lower left corner, and release when bar is flashing to cast spell
Space: Pause game and open status window
Esc: Close status window and unpause game
F: Use Fruit Juice (restores 50% HP)
G: Use Green Tea (restores 50% MP)
H: Use Holy Ward (removes Curse status)
1 through 6: Change selected magic spell (Can change anytime)
Q through U: Change equipped weapon (Only in status window)

Hint: Hit baskets, vases, and flowerpots with your weapon to get little powerups and money.

Hint: There are secret areas with entrances you can't see in the overworld map. Try walking around forests, mushrooms, etc. while on the overworld map.

There are 14 medals in this game.

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I really enjoyed this game.
Keep up!!!

This is a pretty good ARPG, but I did have a number of problems with the presentation. First of all, the writing is really bad. Everything doesn't have to be a joke, when there's a little bit of seriousness to the story the jokes are funnier by contrast - not to mention that you don't wear out your good jokes and have to resort to, frankly, really stupid shit (giant banana? really?). Also, since you clearly don't have a problem using sprites from other games, you should have done so for enemies and tilesets so you don't end up with awful MS Paint garbage. The music was generally pretty good, but the world map theme actually hurts my ears. Still, though, the game proper is pretty fun, if a bit grindy, so you only lose a star for presentation.

pretty cool!i like that you put medals,the gameplay was cool,i love rpg games and this is one of my 2nd favorites!
hope you make a 3rd ver even thought you wont.........(i think........)
good game anyway(you could use better sprites,not retro,but ok)

My first problem of the game is the controls. They stick to whatever movement that was done last, which makes moving around a problem, not to mention fighting or dodging attacks.

After reaching Level 25, I just wanted to finish the game.

It had a great concept to it. The NES style was worth it, and so were the medals.

Bottom line. I have better luck if I were playing this on a real NES.

Good game.

I enjoy this game very much since it so simple but entertaining at the same time. I wish it was longer or there is a sequel.

Credits & Info

4.12 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2011
11:59 PM EST